About Context Menu

Context menus are called with a Contextual Button by pressing it for one second over a target object.

Context menus open with buttons that produce actions for one or a number of selected objects upon which you opened a context menu. By default, any scene object has the following contextual actions:




Every object has its own name. You can see objects name in some instances, such as when selecting them on Timeline. Names set automatically but you can always rename an object. When you call “Rename” — a virtual keyboard appears that you can use to type a name for the object.

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Assets (In roadmap)

You can save objects to use them later on other scenes. For example, you can create a character out of Puppet and save it, or build a house out of primitive shapes and save it.

Saved objects will appear on Shelf under Project pack.

3D Model

Allows exporting objects as 3D models in the following formats: FBX, OBJ, Alembic. FBX and Alembic support animation export.


You can also share your objects to a library of 3D models—Poly by Google.

Set Material

You can set different materials to an object:

Standard—a regular material

Emission—making objects glow

Unlit—making objects to have the same shading not matter shadows and light color

Toon—making objects to look more cartoony.


Tvori supports exporting of images, videos, and 3D models in following formats:

Images—JPEG, 4k

Videos—MP4 up to 4k and 120 FPS

360 Videos—MP4 up to 8k and 60 FPS

3D models—OBJ, FBX, Alembic

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