Export 3D Models

Export individual objects and characters and whole scenes as 3D models in OBJ, FBX, and Alembic. You can export models with and without animations in FBX and Alembic.

In Timeline Export tab there is special table on the right with additional info, so it's easy to check complexity of the scene.

FBX specials

Bake Material combines materials with the same settings into one, thus preventing multiple generation of the same materials.

Embedded Media — the textures used on the models are packaged to fbx file, so there's no need to archive separate texture files into one manually.

Export selected objects

Also it's possible to export objects directly from context menu:

With animation: Select objects / Open context menu / Export / Animation / FBX or Alembic

Without animation: Select objects / Open context menu / Export / 3D Models / FBX or Alembic

Learn more about exporting objects with animations.

You can also publish static models to Poly.

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