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The New Timeline

We created Tvori because we believe that people can become very creative and share their ideas and stories if they get an easy to use and very intuitive animation tool. The timeline is straightforward and accessible for both animators and people without any background in animation.

Use cases

XR experiences
UI Prototype
Content creation
VR animated story
Animated film

Prototype XR experiences

Prototype AR in VR—AR layer

Animated UI Prototype

Simulate your UI interactions with animation in Tvori

Character animation

CN Journeys VR Experience by Cartoon Network
Tvori was used to create character animation for 2 VR Games from Cartoon Network

VR/360 animated story

Full animated film

Rainy day


We've been collecting feedback from our users during last 2 years and did our best to implement most of the users asks. The old timeline enabled some amazing art works like CN Journeys VR Experience by Cartoon Network, Lighting, Captain Blue Screen, Rainy day and other beautiful works, but it has some limitations.
We started creating the new timeline with the goal to address needs and problems of those who used the old timeline in their projects. We try to make it faster and more powerful. Here's some of the new features:

We've built the timeline based on the needs of professionals from companies and individual creators. Our close partnership with Cartoon Network, Unity, NBCUniversal, Walmart as well as feedback from the community allowed us to build the timeline that is simple, yet powerful to ideate, make the first creative steps, iterate quickly, and get stuff done all in VR.
You can create high-fidelity animations as well as quick and dirty animated prototypes.
You can start using the timeline right away even if you haven't animated anything in your life before. Make first steps with our interactive tutorial, take a look at examples, come up with what you want to animate and learn as you go by experimenting and looking in our user guide. Have fun and get stuff done.
Other users works on YouTube channel


There are two major animation modes: real-time animation is a quick and very easy way to create a draft while autokey keyframe mode allows you to make final and more polished animation.

VR viewers and Cameras

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