2D Menu

Access the main settings

To open the 2D menu, click with the mouse on the top left hamburger icon.

Project path (Pro)

Open or create a project folder.

Global settings

Access settings for all projects in Tvori.

Tunnel vision

Turn on & off the tunnel vision. This should prevent the motion sickness when navigating and rotating on a scene.

Video Tips

Turn on & off help tips that appear when you hover over some tools for a second.

Rotation with one hand

Turn on & off rotation with a single controller. You can also switch it with a button on you controller that appears when you're holding a grip button.

Error notification

You can control error notification system through 2d setting menu and choose most convenient notification mode.

Project settings

Access settings for your current project.

Ambient Occlusion

Turn on & off the global self shadow on objects. Lean more about Ambient Occlusion on Wikipedia.


You can adjust it for color correction. For example, if you want to use models made in Quill, you should set Gamma to 1.6.


Quality control helps to avoid unnecessary load and freezes.

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