Interact with objects and interfaces in Tvori

The main way to interact with Tvori is through VR motion controllers. We support controllers from Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality.

Your VR controller will always have those 4 buttons in Tvori:

  • Trigger (blue button)—for grabbing and pressing objects and interfaces

  • Grip (green button)—for moving & scaling yourself on a scene

  • Yellow button—for opening & closing the menu

  • Context button (blue icon)—for selecting objects, teleporting and opening context menus

Grabbing objects

To grab an object, stick that blue shining dot on top of your controller inside the object and press and hold the trigger. The object will follow your hand as long as your hold the trigger.

Moving & scaling yourself

To move and scale yourself on a scene press and hold the grip button on a controller. You will notice that moving a controller in space while holding the green button makes the whole scene to move around you.

Scale. If you press and hold the green buttons on both controllers and start move controllers closer or apart it makes the whole scene to get smaller or bigger.

Rotate. And if you move controllers in a circle while keeping controllers opposite to each other it rotates the scene around you.

Scaling & rotating with a single hand

You can also rotate & scale yourself on a scene with a single controller. To scale, hold the grin button and shift/press the stick/touchpad to the left or to the right.

To rotate, make sure that "Rotation with one hand" is unlocked in the 2D menu. When it's unlocked you can rotate yourself with a single controller by just rotating the controller while holding the green button.

Scaling objects

You can scale any scene object or a tool by holding it with both hands and moving your hands apart to enlarge or close to each other to make it smaller.

Alternatively, you can hold an object in a hand and then shift/press stick/touchpad to the left or to the right to change the size of the object.

Undo & Redo

You can undo every change on a scene: moving objects, adding animations, changing colors, grouping, deleting, etc. Same with the redo. We don’t have a limit on the numbers of actions you can undo or redo.

You can undo and redo from the controllers as well as from the main menu.

Oculus Rift

Push the stick to down to undo and up to redo

HTC Vive

Swipe the touchpad to the left to undo and to the right to redo

Microsoft Mixed Reality

Push the stick to down to undo and up to redo

Contextual Actions

Context button switches its icon and purpose depending on the context. For example, when you highlight an object with a controller, the contextual button allows you to select an object and open a context menu.

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