Move, rotate and scale objects more precisely by axises

Menu / Activate the gizmos / Select an object

Select an object first and the gizmos should appear on the sides of the object.

In Tvori there are 3 Gizmo modes - Bound, Classic and Rectangular.

Moreover it's possible to choose the coordinates system for gizmo operation: Local or World.

Try out to switch between gizmo modes on the fly with a button on the controller.

Bound-bazed Gizmos

Switch between Move, Rotate, and Scale Gizmos by hovering over one of the gizmos controls. Wait until the switch pad appears and choose on of the modes on the left or you can use button on the controller as well.

Classic gizmo mode

Classic mode provides the control of scale, axis rotation, and intuitive snapping. You are enabled to use all three functions at once! These improvements enhance accuracy and make object's controlling fast and easy.

Moreover, in the Classic gizmo mode there's a new additional function of a proportional scale mode.

Rectangular gizmo mode

This mode will be mostly useful and convenient for working with interfaces and buttons. Besides that, you can modify sizes quickly by using all three axes. We also added a new disproportionate scaling mode to Classic gizmo.

In general, the rectangular mode simplifies the process of scaling objects, which are disproportional along any of the axes or the ones, which are proportional along three axes at once.

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