Record videos and take photos

Menu / Shelf / Tools / Camera

Take photos

Press on the button at the top to take a photo. The photo will appear on the scene and in the project's import folder as a JPG file: stuff/photos.

Export video (Pro)

Export video either from the timeline or from the settings panel.

Post effects

Turn on and off post effects.

Field of view

Change the field of view of the camera either by using the FOV or the focal length slider —they do the same, but the one works in degrees and other in millimeters.

Additional features

Open the panel by pressing on the three lines button on the right side of the camera.

  • Turn on & off the post effects

  • Set the depth of field

  • Set the focal length in millimeters instead of degrees

  • Adjust smoothness of movements when recording in real-time

  • Adjust the sensor size

  • Change proportions of the screen

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