Where your scenes are

Menu / Turn the page to the left or to the right

How to Load

How to Save

If you try to overwrite another saving orb—it will open a dialog menu that asks whether you want to overwrite it.

You can re-save to the same orb that way as well as overwrite old scenes.


Each of that orb contains a scene. You can rename, duplicate, and delete them.

A saving orb that contains the scene you’re in is highlighted with a thick blue outline.

There’s always one extra empty sphere at the end. You can use it to create a new scene or save an already created scene to it.

How to rename saves

Press on the orb and choose “Rename”. The keyboard will appear in front of you. Type the new name and press Enter on the keyboard.

How to delete saves

Press on the orb and choose "Delete".

Save as project

You can save current scene as a project - all resources will be saved as .zip file. Just open your scene and then open context menu of its' orb.

Save files in project folder

Your save files are stored in a project under “Saves” directory in “.tvori” format. You can freely rename, duplicate, and delete them from that folder.

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