Lock objects on a scene that you don't want to grab and touch by accident, such as floor and walls

Menu / Locker

To lock an object, take Locker in your hand and then dip the tip of it into an object you want to freeze and press the trigger. The object will turn light grey and will no longer respond on touch and press. To unlock, press on the object again with Locker.

You can switch between three modes using Stick / Touchpad on your controller:

  1. Lock & Unlock

  2. Lock Only

  3. Unlock Only

Supported list for locking

  1. Imported static models

  2. Imported image refs

  3. Imported video refs

  4. Predefined static model assets

  5. Text Tool and some other tools (cameras, lights etc)

Unsupported list for locking

  1. Puppet and puppet parts

  2. Imported skinned models

  3. FX's

  4. Menu

  5. Imported sound orbs

  6. Scene orbs

  7. Animation keys

  8. Particle presets

  9. Controllers

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