Import 3D Models


Max size




100 MB

Every version

Supports everything


100 MB

2013 and newer

Materials color (only diffuse), vertex color, normals, groups, skinned meshes.


100 MB


Materials color (only diffuse), vertex color, normals, groups.

Texture support in Pro

It's possible to import models with textures only in Pro version. Learn more about importing models with textures.

Skinned meshes & bones

Learn here about importing skinned.

Animation import and more

We don't support import of animations, blend shapes, cameras and lights. If you really need it, write us to and describe why do you need it. We consider to implement animation import at some point but haven't decided on the time frame yet.


To guarantee high performance with many instances of an imported model on a scene, it should have no more than 2000 triangles. If you model has more and you want to use it a lot on a scene, then we recommend to use optimization tools in others software to cut amount of triangles. Another way to optimize a model is collapse its sub meshes into a single mesh.

Prepare models in different software

Tilt Brush

Some strokes won't import in Tvori. We recommend to import your model to Blender and then export to FBX or GLTF.

We don`t support textures and shaders from TiltBrush, only geometry.

OBJ with materials

OBJ can store the material data in the companion MTL file (Material Template Library). An OBJ file could reference one or more MTL files (called "material libraries").

Always keep MTLs near your OBJ and don’t rename MTLs because it will cause missing of the material information in your OBJ.

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