The Viewer

Animated presentations and meetings in VR

With the Viewer, you can gather as a team in VR to review and discuss your creations. As a host you can control the presentation: play animations, switch between different scenes, jump from one viewpoint to another.

The aim is to quickly share, present, and discuss spatial ideas in VR with as little friction as possible.

The Viewer works on Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets. Download the Viewer here.

Create a team

Before starting meetings, create a team and add people by their email addresses. If a person you invite doesn't have an account associated with their email address--the person will get an email with a registration link.

To create a team, go to

You have to have a special license to create meetings and share content. Reach out to us if you need access to that license:

Change member status (WIP)

You may change status of each individual team member.

Currently there're three different statuses, each featuring different features, functions and access rights. The system is still in development, so this functionality might be expanded or altered in future.

Share your creations

To export scenes to the Viewer, you need add View Points on the scene and go to export panel on the Timeline and press "Upload".

After that, launch the Viewer and select the needed team on the left. Find the scenes you've just exported on the right, under "My scenes". Drag the scenes you want to discuss during the meeting into "Share" button.

You can preview scenes the same way by dragging them onto the "Open" button. Deleting scenes from "My Scenes" or "Shared Scenes" may be performed by dragging them onto "Delete" button.

Start meetings

Meetings are happening in rooms of your team, where a room is simply a collection of scenes. You can join any room and when someone enters a room — you can see and talk with that person even without starting a meeting.

But if you plan to invite a couple of people to talk in the Viewer—press "Start Meeting". It makes entering your meeting easier. When you start a meeting, we send everyone on your team an email inviting you to that meeting. And when they launch the Viewer, they get prompted to join that meeting immediately.

Attend meetings

If someone has invited you to a meeting in the Viewer—just launch the Viewer. After authorization, the Viewer will ask you whether you want to join the meeting. Press "Join" and you will get teleported to a needed room.

Alternatively, you can find a room that has a number at the top. It means that someone is in the room. If you enter a room that has people inside you will get connected with those people automatically