Create and montage videos all in Tvori!

With montage option in Timeline tool you can easily rearrange the video cuts from different cameras and playviews into the right order. Crop and set the duration of each clip to make your video perfect! Export the sequence as a 2D video.

Available only in Pro


Switch setup between cameras & viewers with special pointers.

'End-logic' modes

You can edit cameras & viewers from the timeline by choosing what to do at the end of a time scope of each camera or viewer—loop, select next in the queue or stop.

Export the sequence

Rearrange the cameras' icons and set its playback area on timeline, set its mode as "Play Next". For the last camera, you should set the third mode "Pause". To export the entire video sequence, select the first camera and go to the export panel, then to the video section, configure the settings and click the export button.

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