Frequently asked questions

When can I use Tvori Basic from Oculus Home/SteamVR/Viveport?

Tvori Basic license that we offer on stores is only for personal and non-commercial use outside of organizations. That means that you can install it on your personal machine (not on your company’s computer) and use it for experiments or personal projects.

When should I switch to Pro Beta?

If you use Tvori on your company’s machine, you should go for Pro subscription licenses. The use includes different types of experiments, prototyping, pre-production, preparing of assets, etc.


If you use Tvori on your personal machine but you start generating profit with the help of Tvori.

Is there a price difference for Tvori Pro depending on the size of the company or revenue?

Right now we only have 1 option, which is 1500 USD per year per seat.

Later on we might introduce special pricing for indies/freelancers.

Is there a difference in features between Basic and Pro?

Yes, you can check the features and functionality available for Basic vs Pro on our website.

How should I reach out if I want to report a bug or ask a question?

There are several ways.

If you see a "problem" sign in Tvori or Tvori crashed, we kindly request you to send us logs for further analysis to this email hello@tvori.com.

You can find log files here: C:/Users/USER_NAME/AppData/LocalLow/Tvori/Tvori/Player.txt

You can also post your questions & bugs reports in our support group on Facebook.

What is the best way to learn Tvori and where can I find the most comprehensive tutorials?

We are saying that Tvori allows you to learn as you go, no prior knowledge of 3D content creation is required to get started in Tvori. There are several videos and tips on almost every page of "Learn" and you can use the search bar to find the information you need.

Where can I share my works done in Tvori?

We welcome and happy to see user’s works and selected pieces.

You can post your photos & videos in our Facebook group, or use #Tvorium hashtag to mention Tvori in your post on Twitter, Facebook and other medias.

There are a couple of groups where you can post your animations:

Will be Tvori available on Oculus Quest?

We think that the future of VR is closely connected with the new generation of mobile headsets. Mobility and flexibility as well as plug in play set up would accelerate adoption of VR overall. Oculus Quest is a great step in that direction. But it’s performance doesn’t allow to run Tvori.

Right now Tvori needs the memory and power of the PC. You can have a complete experience with Tvori on Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, including Vive Pro, WindowsMR headsets.

Can I import animation into Tvori?

You can’t import animation in Tvori, but you can import images, models, videos and sounds.

Can I export 3D models with animation from Tvori and use in other SW for further editing or rendering?

Yes, you can export animation in FBX or Alembic files. You can export the whole scene, 3D model with animation, animation path from particular camera or viewer.

Can I import models with textures?

Yes, if you use Pro.

Is there a multi-user mode in Tvori?

Right now Tvori is a single-user app. Multi-user is on our long-term roadmap.

What’s coming next in terms of features?

We have our public roadmap here.

If I want some features or services from Tvori, where should I reach out?

First of all, we are always happy to get feedback, feel free to send you thoughts, ideas, or comments at hello@tvori.com.

If you consider some services, we are ready to discuss this as well. We can do a dedicated support and work with you on your projects. We had a successful experience in consulting, preparing rigs and scenes for a couple of clients who use Tvori. Get in touch with our CEO, Inga—inga@tvori.com.

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